About Us

Anna Tomaro is the founder and visionary for SprayRelief™. Ms. Tomaro began her career as a hair stylist in 1989. A family illness, coupled with both Ms. Tomaro’s nurturing nature and her fierce independence, led her to open up her own business in the summer of 1999. She was drawn in by the entrepreneurial desire to run her own business, and appreciated the flexibility to be able to take care of her mother, Rose Tomaro, who was ill at the time. While Anna had exceptional success as a salon owner, her entrepreneurial spirit was never far behind, having spent half her career amassing rental properties across Northeast Ohio as her primary long term investment. This aggressive investment plan has provided the capital necessary for Anna to fully invest in SprayRelief, a product that was created after watching clients, friends, and long-term partner, Bernie Kosar, former NFL Super Bowl winning quarterback, struggle with daily pain.

Steve Constantino is a founder and product development expert for SprayRelief™. Mr. Constantino is a chemist by trade and has developed numerous products in professional hair care that have helped to frame the professional hair care industry, and still lead the industry in both professional color and wet goods (shampoos, conditioners, styling products). Mr. Constantino is considered a leading development expert in salon care products, and is also an entrepreneur as the founder and chairman of ExoBalance™, a product designed to create an environment where hair loss is reversed, reduced and prevented. In his capacity as an expert in this industry, he met Ms. Tomaro. This meeting led to their mutual desire to provide a product that can give long-term relief from pain without the side effects of ingested narcotics.