The Cycle of Pain Relief


Crystalline, solubilized menthol, combines with a humectant to take water from the air. This causes the reactivation of the menthol, adding moisture to the skin, resulting in a longer lasting menthol effect. Combining this cycle with compression gear contains the moisture, keeps the menthol reactivating, and allows the cycle to repeat for long lasting pain relief, and the cycle repeats.

Don't be sidelined by aches and pains. Use SprayRelief™.

Clinically tested by a third party laboratory on over 100 human subjects. Test results showed superior results with regard to allergy testing and contact dermatitis as tested by a dermatologist, found to be safe for everyday use. Empirical research also indicates over 8 hours of effectiveness when combined with compression gear.

Keep moving.

Keep active.

Keep pain at bay.